Reiki Level One Attunement

The particular practice of Reiki is not a religion. Reiki practice is a healing art, a practice of helping self and others, and with the carried on daily practice of Reiki the practitioner will gain self awareness, deeper religious understanding and insight as well as balance of body, mind, thoughts and spirit. This benefit commences with the first Reiki initiation.

Reiki Level One Attunement

During the Very first Degree Reiki training the student receives precisely what is called “an attunement”. The attunement to the Reiki energy gives Reiki Level One Attunement the student the ability to commence channeling the Reiki energy and apply it for healing of self or others. It is during this first diploma the Reiki Master passes on by oral traditions the story of Reiki, the Reiki principles and the tradition of Reiki. The first degree training includes the basic hand positions for applying Reiki to self and others and the possibility to practice whole body Reiki treatments with others in the class. The Reiki Master providing the training should observe and offer feedback and additional instruction to students during the practice.

The Second Diploma Reiki training requires an attunement also. This attunement increases the Reiki strength the student can route. Trainees is also given the sacred Reiki power symbols and is required to learn to draw them as well as instruction about how to use them. During the second degree training students also learns how to do “distant, or distance healing” and mental-emotional healing. The particular student learns that distance, time and space do not exist in spiritual realms and Reiki is easily sent across time and space to the intended recipient.

The next Level, or Masters’ attunement, again, broadens and deepens the level of healing energy the student can channel as well as significantly improves the students’ personal growth and development. This stage was divided into two parts back in the mid 1980’s which allows students to have the masters’ skills minus the ability to train or spread Reiki.

The Master Teacher attunement gives the student a chance to teach and pass on the attunements to others. Throughout this training the college student receives the sacred Grasp symbols and is taught how to perform the attunements. This level is generally reserved for many who show life long dedication to Reiki.

Prior to beginning Reiki training the pupil should request the lineage of the Reiki Grasp. You can examine this with the Reiki Alliance to affirm whether the Reiki Master you have chosen teaches from the traditional system of Reiki as set forth by Doctor Usui.

This specific is but an over-all guideline of what you could expect should you choose to learn Reiki. I hope you find this information attractive providing a greater understanding of Reiki and the process of becoming a Reiki practitioner. Blessings.

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